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Family Dogs!

ChesterMy wife, Barbara, brought home a Chihuahua puppy 16 years ago named Chester.  I had a wonderful dog already which I took on many of my scout outings, but my dog, Happy, was growing old.  Chester kept Happy as active as possible.  It was wonderful to see their interaction.  Today, we had to put Chester down after a wonderful 16 years.  He was not a typical barking Chihuahua, but one that would greet people nicely.  He was a sweet, gentle soul!  We miss him.

During the years we had Chester, my wife, a true animal lover, brought home two other dogs from an animal shelter.  Unfortunately, the dogs never really became friends, and because of old age medical problems, she eventually had to put them down.  Dogs do not live long enough is all I can add.

Black and ChesterWhen I first met my future wife, she was a cat person.  When I went on scout activities, I would ask her to take care of Happy, my dog.  After we got married (25 years ago), she took care of both Happy and her cats.  Soon after, she got a Chihuahua for her son but the dog ran out onto the road and was killed.  Happy and ChesterThinking that another Chihuahua would be appreciated by her son, she brought home little Chester.  Needless to say, Chester became our dog and an important part of the family.  And to Chester, I was the "alpha dog" and the leader of his pack.  That being said, my wife is now a confirmed dog person!  We miss both Chester and Happy very much. sadness "Dogs do not live long enough!"