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Senior Tech 101

More and more seniors are embracing the wonderful benefits of technology, particularly with regard to accessing resources, staying in touch with friends, family and loved ones, and utilizing electronic devices for entertainment purposes.  To make the experience enjoyable and effective, as well as safe, it's important to consider issues related to online safety and security measures, in particular, ensuring identity is protected and the potential for fraud is diminished.  Much of this can be achieved through access to online tech safety education and the utilization of senior-friendly technology.  If you're ready to take a dive into tech, the paragraphs below offer advice to help you get started.

Tech For Staying Connected

Technology has become an essential tool for keeping in touch with friends and loved ones, particularly when one's ability to travel is limited.  Connections can take place via smartphones, laptops and tablets by running various programs and applications.  For example, virtual family gatherings, where everyone can see one another simultaneously and in real-time, can be effectively launched through a program like Zoom, while private face-to-face conversations can be held through platforms like Skype or Facetime.  All of these applications have step-by-step tutorials to help you make the most of virtual visits.

Senior-Friendly Tech

Today's seniors are savvy when it comes to technology usage, and some manufacturers go the extra mile to create devices and applications specifically with seniors in mind.  Many features of tech products can also be altered to meet the needs of seniors, such as changing the brightness levels on devices, increasing point size for easier readability, and swapping out small product models for larger models that can be easier to operate.  According to the American Association of Retired Persons, adaptive accessories on smartphones can also be beneficial for seniors, particularly people with motor skills challenges.  Most electronics manufacturers are happy to walk customers through various product offerings to find the right fit for each individual's needs.

Tech For Everyday Life

While we tend to consider phones and tablets the most common forms of everyday-use technology, there is a wide range of products that are designed specifically for making seniorís lives easier.  For example, doorbell cams can help ensure you know who is at the door before answering, products like the "GrandPad" provide access to interpersonal connectivity technology with a low learning curve, electronic pill dispensers help with medication management, and various types of trackers can keep seniors in-the-know about their activity levels and provide emergency alerts.  Home assistant products like Amazonís Alexa and Google Home are also popular devices and can be coordinated with other home technology for streamlined use.

The Case For Online Safety

Unfortunately, increased technology use potentially opens the door to issues like fraud and identity theft.  Seniors who have an online presence and use technology to pay bills, shop and share information via social media channels should ensure they're protected.  This includes making sure all devices are password-protected, resisting the urge to click on links from unfamiliar sources, and being careful with the type of personal information shared in online forums.  For example, posting about an upcoming vacation is an invitation to thieves that a house is unattended.  The installation of security software can also protect against viruses and malware, and subscribing to a credit monitoring service can help ensure financial information is not being used without knowledge.

Technology is a wonderful tool for many purposes, including personal connections, social involvement and entertainment.  In addition to scoping out the best products to meet your needs and learning how to use their many features, safety and security is also of paramount importance.  Follow best practices for online activity to help protect against fraud and theft.

Writen by Mary Shannon

Photo by Dreamstime